Our Place, or Yours?

Following the principles at the heart of our mission statement, Conceptually Social Catering not only serves uncommonly good food, but aims to build relationships within our community. We’ve brought together an insanely passionate and talented team that is the best at what they do. From non-profit organizations, to corporate teams, to intimate weddings, we know every detail matters, every time. Specializing in global cuisine, we work tirelessly with each client for events of all sizes, to build a custom experience that is not only delicious, but memorable


Need a venue? No problem!!

Conceptually Social is both the exclusive catering partner and the event management company for the MonOrchid Gallery in the heart of the arts district on Roosevelt Row. This phenomenal gallery is ideal for a wide variety of events. Reach out for more info!

Meet The Chef

As the head Chef of Conceptually Social Catering, Kevin Lebron has helped grow the daily meal execution to over 900 corporate clients.

Chef Kevin Lebron was born in New York, but relocated to Phoenix as a young boy. He began cooking at the age of 17 and graduated from The Art Institute of Phoenix shortly thereafter. He has been fortunate enough to work with renowned chefs and restaurant concepts all around the valley (Eddie Matney’s, Cameron Mitchell/Ocean Prime, Chelsea’s Kitchen, & Upward Projects).


Chef Kevin also spent time as a private chef for exclusive clients in the Phoenix area. He has been welcomed into the homes and families of these clients, and created custom menus for each, according to their specific dietary needs. Personalizing these menus on a small scale was what sparked his interest in providing unique, large scale catering menus. His passion for providing customized service only excelled once he paired with Conceptually Social Catering. Since joining the team, he has worked diligently to ensure each client (no matter the size) feels the exclusivity of a personal chef.


As the head chef of Conceptually Social Catering, chef Kevin has helped grow the daily meal execution to over 900 corporate clients. In addition to these daily catering’s, he creates custom menus for every special event booked with Conceptually Social around the valley & at The monOrchid Gallery (where we are the exclusive caterer).

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