Our Place, or Yours?

Following the principles at the heart of our mission statement, Conceptually Social Catering not only serves uncommonly good food, but aims to build relationships within our community. We’ve brought together an insanely passionate and talented team that is the best at what they do. From non-profit organizations, to corporate teams, to intimate weddings, we know every detail matters, every time. Specializing in global cuisine, we work tirelessly with each client for events of all sizes, to build a custom experience that is not only delicious, but memorable


Need a venue? No problem!!

Conceptually Social is both the exclusive catering partner and the event management company for the MonOrchid Gallery in the heart of the arts district on Roosevelt Row. This phenomenal gallery is ideal for a wide variety of events. Reach out for more info!

Meet The Chef

Davie Gabayan at the helm of Conceptually Social Catering!

Executive Chef Davie Gabayan brings years of restaurant and catering experience to the Conceptually Social kitchen. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Davie first began cooking at age 14, being put in charge of making pot stickers, dim sum and baos at a local island restaurant ~ being paid “with a free meal and some food to take home!” His scope of food, and his redeemable income, have both improved!! Davie received his culinary degree fromLe Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale, and has worked with such notable Chefs as Alan Wong, Roy Namaguchi, and Sam Choy (look them up, they’re impressive guys!!!).


Davie loves the science of cooking and the reasons to why certain foods work together ~ “the smells, the scents, and how food tantalizes the senses!” He initially thought cooking was the easiest thing in the world; “just follow a recipe and done.” He now has a very different appreciation for the art of this ever-evolving world. Davie “loves to be in that moment”, preparing amazing, elevated food. “You have two bites to capture someone, then you’ve lost them.” This type of hyper-awareness has lent itself to some spectacular and imaginative dishes, and continuously has forced him to raise the bar!!


His dad was a chef on a nuclear submarine in the United States Navy, preparing meals for hundreds of service members on a daily basis. In this case, Davie is proudly following in his father’s footsteps. We are proud to have Chef Davie creating globally inspired meals, whether it’s for an intimate private event, or for our daily corporate clientele throughout the Valley. Our team embraces the fun in both coursed dinner experiences for 30 and superb lunches for over 1000, and we are fortunate to have him captaining our ship!

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